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TLC (Truth, Love, Creativity) Workshop Series – with Mastermind (Gold Level)

2-Day Level 1 Bio-Energy Healing Training Weekend  – Learn how to heal family and friends. Trainings can often be found promotionally priced for attendees of special live events or online webinars.

Spend 2 days learning the 12 base techniques to complete a Bio-energy healing session on friends and family.  (Note: This is the Level 1 training for knowledge to work with family and friends, and not the Bio-energy healing practitioner training). More info on my Links page under the first link regarding Level 2 – Practitioner training from Michael D’Alton.

Truth Training Weekend – Personal blueprint, Self discovery and understanding, including, physical/ emotional best nutrition and exercise, Astrological chart and numerology exploration, as well as bio-field chakra expression. Living a life that is aligned, using voice and music to reveal personal truth.

Love Training Weekend– Relationship understanding, attended alone or with partners, friends, family.  Discover dynamics of communication and methods of relating to respect and honor the path that this connection opens up. Learn methods to share, express and heal physically and emotionally.

Creativity Training Weekend – Discovering unique gifts that may or may not be obvious or expressed.  Visual art exploration, including healing power of drawing, color, collage, mixed media, performance art.  Expressing our sexy, passionate, vibrant self, bringing energizing all.


TLC Creative Energy Expression Coaching – 12 week small group Online/Webinar 

~Video/Audio program plus bi-weekly live webinars, and Facebook group membership and support

~Links/usb with yoga & Qi gong videos sent to each member to support practice and weekly lessons.


TLC Intuition/Divination Coaching – 8 week small group Online/Webinar 

Program includes individual discovery call, discussing areas of blockage and energetic oracle tools to practice intuition training, along with nutritional and body care programs guidance.

Available Primarily Online

Also at Professional offices, Seminar spaces and at homes and offices in the SF bay area

Contact to discuss.


Michael D’Alton Bio-Energy Healing Sessions

4-Session Series to release chronic blockages infusing body with greater energy through clear channels

Other Services Available:

KeyNote Speaker/ Speaking engagements: Health, wealth, prosperity and interrelationships.

Video Conferencing Consultation: Life path readings, Q&A about energy health, distance healing

Qi Gong, Yoga: I will include new DVD’s, and references of these practices for your personal practice.

Product Consultations – Individual or group consultation/meeting/gathering of tea and snacks, to view and test Anti-Aging and health products for the Direct Sales Companies I have explored (ie. Isagenix, Jeunesse, Arbonne and Nerium Anti-Aging products, Gano Coffee, Dr.Gundry Pre-Biotic powder).  The products are wonderful and if you are interested in better prices,  being a consultant always reduces cost of products, but this is a fun hands-on get-together with no pressure.

Wellness, holistic psychology Consultations: Using tools of DreamWork cards by Strephon Kaplan Williams, the M.I.N.D.S. system by Dr. Dolores Seymour various Synchronicity cards and tools.


What is Bio-Energy healing? (Michael D’Alton Bio-Energy healing method)

Bio-Energy Healing is most effective for healing in series of 4 consecutive treatments; daily weekly or bi-weekly, with a follow-up (after 3-4 weeks). Employing a series of four sessions of Bio-Energy is the best method as it allows the recipient to experience depth of healing with time for shifts to occur. The energy system is awakened after being blocked, stagnant and chronic and this is an I layering process. Consecutive sessions address acute pain, intense treatment for key issues and a balancing effect by the end of the four sessions.  Often permanent healing changes and extremely effective results are found after four sessions.

Bio-Energy healing has a premise similar to Reiki, where energy flows through the body with greater ease as chakras are cleared of blockages, and balanced, allowing the body greater personal healing power. Bio-Energy practitioners employ specialized hand movements in and around their client’s bio-field to channel energy and create optimal vibration for each chakra, though unlike the laying down position of Reiki, clients stand and sit with legs up on an ottoman or in a zero-gravity chair when receiving Bio-Energy treatments.  This is so the practitioner is able  access front and back of each chakra, for optimal effectiveness, as well as promote flushing out the feet of detoxed blockages in the seated position.

Robin deGroot specializes in Michael D’Alton’s Bio-Energy Healing method, Group workshops, Speaking, Personal consulting , artistic expression and dynamic transformation.

Robin holds International licensing for Energy healing, and has been Nationally licensed from 2007 and state licensed since 2010 for Massage & body work, serving the bay area and beyond as a multi-modality wellness consultant since 2006.