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Getting off of the Insomnia, sleep aid wagon

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The episode of Dr.Oz on June 19, 2015 caught my attention. The connection to the article and the sleep specialist Dr.Michael Breus are listed below. I was so excited to watch this episode and share it now because I know some dear friends who have been caught in a vicious cycle of insomnia for many [...]

The only Cleanse I consider… Lemons are amazing!

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My family has been involved with alternative health and healing through diet and nutrition since I was very young and more intensely since I was around seven years old. My mother had many books and practices, which she tested as to their effectiveness and the family tried certain things as they chose to. I was [...]

Energy Healing – Modern necessity

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Energy work is a buzz phrase that has been around for a few decades at least.  It may bring up various images of psychics and hypnotists whereby you may think you have no need for anything of that nature.   After reading this, perhaps you may see another side that could gain you many years of [...]

The best bodywork modality

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After receiving various body work over the course of my lifetime, I am inclined to say that the best bodywork to receive is the one that provides you with the most relief and results that keep you independent, vibrant and feeling happily alive.  I do not necessarily promote continuous treatments for general health, where it [...]

Nutrition and Diets – What should I eat? How should I eat?

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This is a topic near and dear to my heart… food.  I love food.  I always have.  As irony would have it, I had to give up many foods over my lifetime due to extreme sensitivities.  What came out of this food exploration, however, was a diverse knowledge of what is out there, substitution possibilities, [...]