29500606_sThe episode of Dr.Oz on June 19, 2015 caught my attention. The connection to the article and the sleep specialist Dr.Michael Breus are listed below. I was so excited to watch this episode and share it now because I know some dear friends who have been caught in a vicious cycle of insomnia for many years.

I say vicious cycle because of what tends to happen is that the use of caffeine helps insomniac’s function through the day when the recipient only has three or four hours of sleep and this actually perpetuates the problem for the night hours again. If sleep aids are taken anywhere during the night instead of only a small amount in the beginning of the night, then the recipient feels groggy during the day. To break the cycle these are the basics of a beginning program. This is designed to train the body to get five and half hours of regular good sleep to start:

  1. 11 pm – Take 1 Mg of Melatonin (as a sleep regulator this needs 1.5 hours)
  2. 12:30 am – Intend to Go to sleep (yes, not earlier for lights out)
  3. 2 am – Practice relaxation. If you wake do not look at the clock and alarm. Tense and relax all muscles from head to toe in turn. Read if you need to. No television, ipad or electronics.
  4. 6 am – Wake up and look at a broad-spectrum light (blue light sold as full spectrum works) and get 15 minutes of sunlight at least a day to flush melatonin. 6am on weekends too when following the reset period.

In other sleep assistance it is advised to start reading and slowing down an hour before sleep with less stimulation from television, computers and electronics. Heavier exercise is best done in the morning but relaxation, meditation, stretching and yoga are beneficial to do in the evening hours and close to sleeping.

A great meditative tool that I practice is listening to a positive imagery CD that I have from a Holistic healing program, called the ‘Golden Castle,’ by Dr. Dolores Seymour, as well as listening to a series of meditative downloads from the Lifeflow program by Michael Mackenzie.

‘Lifeflow’ sound files are relaxing theta brainwave music that allow meditation skills and effects to become progressively more advanced and effective. A series of four meditations specifically for sleep are optional as well. I highly recommend.

After receiving Bio-energy treatments sleep is greatly improved often, as blockages are removed from underlying systems to allow more proper function. I have felt the deepest sleep during Acupuncture sessions so I believe strongly in energy healing for sleep regulation.